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Balti Dishes

Baltisan the home of the balti dish is the northern area of Pakistan. In recent times balti food has become extremely popular. Traditionally balti food is prepared with special herbs and spices

King Prawn Balti (medium) - £10.25
Prawn Balti (medium) - £7.25
Chicken or Lamb Balti (medium) - £7.25
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti (medium) - £7.95
Pathan Balti (medium) - £7.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh spinach
Garlic Chicken Balti (hot) - £7.95
Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh green chillies and garlic
Balti Dosa (medium) - £7.25
Fresh chick peas cooked with chicken or lamb
Tandoori Balti (medium) - £8.50
Lamb, chicken and keema cooked in a clay over, then recooked in balti sauce
Special Mix (medium) - £8.50
Chicken, lamb, prawn and mushrooms
Shehensha Balti (medium-mild) - £7.25
Chicken or lamb cooked with chick peas, slightly spiced with a touch of cream

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