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Chefs Delicate and Mild Choices

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala - £7.25
UKs most popular dish cooked with our own special tandoori sauce, almond, coconut powder and fresh cream
Tandoori Butter Chicken - £7.25
Tandoori chicken off the bone cooked with almond, coconut powder and fresh cream in a buttery sauce
Badami Passanda (chicken or lamb) - £7.25
Very mild creamy dish topped with cashew nuts and almond
Mackoni (chicken or lamb) - £7.25
Marinated chicken or lamb cooked with light spices and cheese. It is rich, creamy and cheesy
Chicken or Lamb Delight - £7.25
Cooked in a creamy mild sauce with pulp mango and lots of flavour
Posh Spice - £7.95
An amazing mixture of chicken with fresh cream, sugar, egg, pulp mango and coconut in a part sumptuous richness to this lightly spiced curry and sprinkled over with fresh coriander
Shalimar Karahi (chicken or lamb) - £7.25
Chilli Lodges own creation, lightly spiced to taste the flavour of the curry, cooked with onions and capsicum in our massala sauce with a touch of cream
Hawain (chicken or lamb) - £7.25
Exceptionally smooth in taste, cooked with ground coconut, pineapple, chutney and fresh cream, sprinkled over with fresh coriander and spring onions

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